Special Koi Food, Sannichikai Special, 1st day

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We would like to introduce how we make Sannichi-kai’s original fertilizer.
At first, we mix rice bran with water in a mixer. And, this is the special bacterial liquid. We add it equally, and then pour water at last.
We let it sit overnight and will add poultry manure tomorrow. It takes 3 days to finish making. This is the preparation stage that mixing rice bran, water, and the special bacterial liquid.
Mitsunori: Is everything ok so far?
Hidemasa: Yes. It tastes good.
Mitsunori: Is it?
Hidemase: Evidently.
We use this fertilizer to increase the number of water flea in ponds. Afterward, we don’t give any food to tosai except the water flea and fertilizer. Well, we’ll report the day 2 later.

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