Showcase Vol.3 Showa 3sai 64cm

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At this Showcase corner, I would like to introduce Showa, 3sai, 64cm. This is one of superb koi which has high quality Beni, Sumi, Shiroji and great body confirmation. Not only sumi quality, the place where sumi appear on body is just right and it enhance the value of this koi so high. We can expect and enjoy good future of this koi because it has stout body structure. Some of you may have seen this koi because I brought this koi into Yume-ten at All Japan Koi Show in 2013. We will soon release her into mud pond. I already can not wait to see her in this autumn.

Showcase Vol.2 Showa 4sai 71cm

This time, I would like to introduce Showa 4sai, 71cm as our Showcase koi. This koi has very good body structure. Quality of Beni, Shiroji and Sumi are very high. The body structure shows more room to grow into jumbo and it gives us dream and expectation.

Showcase Vol.1, Showa, 4sai 72cm

I would like to introduce Showa which is 4sai, 72cm as Showcase Vol.1. The quality of this koi is very high. Besides high quality, interesting and unique pattern is one of attractiveness of this koi. It is very hard to find this kind of beni pattern from breeds. Her Motoguro is also fixed and nice. She is such a nice koi which is 4sai and 72cm

Koi for Niigata Auction Vol.4

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You will be able to see her at Auction ground in Niigata on 19th April. This koi is 3sai and 62cm. The pattern on entire body is well balanced. Because Shiroji is purely white, beni and sumi looks beautiful. . . I mean, it is not “looks” beautiful. It is very beautiful.

Niigata Auction will be held on 19th April.