The 43rd All Japan Nishikigoi Show 2012

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I’m sorry for late report. We are happy to inform you that we could hopefully get Kokugyo at 50bu, 65bu Male and Tsubaki prize at 70bu. Congratulations for owners and suppliers. This year, we entered 4pcs under our name and all of them got prize. In addition, three of them took major prize. We are very happy about the result. It has been three years since we improve quality of Sumi and hopefully got 50bu Kokugyo. It is still small koi but I’m sure it will develop or keep its beauty for long. 65bu Male Kokugyo actually has body confirmation like a female. It has bright beni and unique pattern on the head. This is my favorite one. It was born from our major Kohaku parent, Kachi-Kagura bloodline. I hope this koi will also get more prizes in the future as well. Because Showa is our main breed, I am excited that we could win Showa 90bu. Thank you very much for wonderful keeping, Narita Koi Farm. The Koromo which took 70bu Tsubaki prize are very outstanding. It took Sakura prize and Best in Variety at Zenkoku-ten before. You can find from passed archive but this koi is bred by Yagozen, Oguriyama area. Congratulations! Again, I would like to congratulate owners and suppliers for wonderful result.

* Congratulations for Dainichi Koi Farm who is a member of Sannichikai and good friend of ours.