Bad boy, married at last !










On 3rd September, Kazuyoshi from Hiroi Koi Farm(Yozen) finally merried. To be honest with you, we are good friends of him but we thought he would not have a chance to marry anymore but . . . It was great and big and very surprised news for us. Even Sannichikai member didn’t know that he marry untill we received invitation from him. What a surprise!!!

His wife, Ms. Yurie, is very beautiful woman as you can find from pic and she is swimming instructor. Two of my daughters know her because they go to swimming school. They said, Ms. Yurie is always smiling toward kids and very fun. She is loved by all kids in swimming school. I’m very expressed that Kazuyoshi could marry with such a wonderful woman.

Please look at such a pieceful and happy couple. We wish your happiness for long.

To Kazu
Do not eat too much ramen and drink too much alcohole. . .

To other wedding participants
I’m sorry that we were very noisy at party. We couldn’t control ourselves because of this great news and surprise!!

“Tepodon” bloodline is back

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As you can find from previous post which was provided by Hirasawa, I would like to introduce fry from “Tepodon”. These are fry which survive from terrible heavy rain, I call them elite!! Fry from “Tepodon” tend to have strong Sumi from 1st, 2nd culling and easier to cull than other frys. However, the water of mud pond was heavily stirrered, Sumi was disappeared, Hi was rough, Kiwa was hardly recognized and they were almost Mujimono. However, even appearance looks different, it drastically becomes ordinary “Tepodon” fry after two weeks from moving mud pond. I really regret myself that I didn’t film previous appearance of “Tepondon” fry before but I’m also surprised how it is developed. What we can judge from eye is very limited and I learned that it is very important to believe parent fish and its bloodline.

* Mr. T from Chiba and Mr. S from Malaysia, thank you very much for visitation soon after heavy rain even you got lots of dirt and mud on your cloths. You also must surprised about these fry because you also seen previous bad condition fry . . .