Niigata Charity Auction for Tohoku Earthquake


All Japan Nishikigoi Shinkokai, Niigata District has decided to organize charity auction to support victims from quake. In 2004, we had had huge support and sincere help from all over the world. Because we had similar experience, we wish this event will help victims to recover from quake soon. All of Nishikigoi which enter into this event will be donated by breeders and all of bid amount will be donated to victim area through All Japan Nishikigoi Shinkokai donation account. We welcome all of you to join and enjoy this charity event no matter what you are dealer or hobbyists. The detailed entry Nishikigoi will be introduced on following All Japan Nishikigoi Shinkokai, Niigata District webpage.

Niigata Nishikigoi Auction (3sai)

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Today, I would like to introduce 3sai, 62cm Showa which will participate The 8th Niigata Nishikigoi Auction on March 9th 2011. As you can see, Beni patter is one-sided and Sumi was weak when it was Tosai and 2sai. However, it has wonderful Beni quality, Shiroji, body confirmation and Shitazumi(Sumi underneath), so I decided to keep another year as Tategoi. Hopefully, Sumi appeared as what I expected and it has unique characteristic and atmosphere. I have confident on this Nishikigoi.

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