The 35th Tokai Regin Koi Show


We are delighted to hear that Mr. Eiji Yokoi who won the grand champion at the 35th Tokai District Nishikigoi Show with Kohaku bred by Isa Koi Farm. Mr. Yokoi purchased the Kohaku in 2009 through Niigata Nishikigoi Tour hosted by Narita Koi Farm when it was 3 years old. At that time, the Koi had Hi, which is yellowish but nice and glossy, pure white Shiroji, and well-formed body shape. Its mother is the splendid Kachi Kohaku from Fukui Pre. The siblings of the awarded Kohaku are also high quality. We are grateful for Mr. Yokoi who made an excellent choice of the Kohaku although we breed mainly Showa, and Takateru-kun who grow the Kohaku after the purchase. We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Mr.Yokoi for achieving the deserved honor.

Before After series 7

Tosai 28cm
28cm (6).JPGのサムネール画像2sai 50cm
50cm (8).JPG








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This is first update in a while. I would like to introduce 7th Before And After piece showing a improvement in growth through a year. This Showa didn’t have good Sumi at first, but it’s gradually getting thick and bold Sumi patterns on the base of its tail, trunk, and shoulder. Not to mention, it has a beautiful pure white Shiroji. As the Shiroji is bright, the Hi and Sumi stand out. I’m looking forward to seeing how it grows.

Before After Series 6

Tosai 25cm
25cm (11).JPG2sai 47cm
47cm (4).JPG








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I highlighted Nisai Showa, 47cm long, for 6th Before And After piece. Its Sumi and Hi qualities became sharper. Also, Its pointed head turned out to be nice and round. This Showa looks slim but muscular and it is stuffed full of flesh in every corner of its body.
I think the improvement of this kind of large Tosai is unpredictable.

Before After Series 5

Tosai 26cm
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Today, I introduce a Showa, 46cm. This is definitely a piece for Before And After series. This Showa has had only Kagesumi as it’s on picture left, however the Sumi strongly emerged on surface. I think this will be a competitive Nishikigoi at Koi shows after getting glossy texture on its Sumi by feeding them little bit more. The Sumi also stands out against its Shiroji well. I consider this Showa as a potential Nishikigoi.