Holly cow ! 3sai Showa, 72cm




吉口 56cm.JPG今回紹介するのは今年の3歳最長で揚がった昭和です。当歳時36cm、2歳時56cm、そして今年3歳で72cmと驚異の成長を見せております。墨は少なめですが徐々に出てき、この異常なまでの成長にもかかわらず全く崩れない紅、そして何んと言ってもこの体型。70cmを超えて風格が出てきました。体高がかなりある為まだまだ成長する余裕があります。これからのこの鯉の成長、まだまだ未知数です。

Wonderful Yagozen Koromo

2sai Koromo
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Here is the Koromo which won the All Japan Sakura prize this year and the first prize of the variety division in All Japan Wakagoi Show last spring. The Ai seems to have bettered this time, Shiroji is still exellent, and it extends the size by 10cm long. Hope it’ll do well in upcoming Koi shows.

Before After Series 4

 Tosai 26cm
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Today’s Before and After piece is 49cm Showa Sanke. This Showa has a good structure and gain inky black Sumi against its Shiroji. It seems that the Sumi on its head is still grey. It depends on the Nishikigoi but I suppose the head Sumi will get thicker. Probably, this Showa is goin to do well in three or four years.

Before After Series 3

 Tosai 27cm

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This Showa extended the size by 23cm. The body became fleshy, and Hi has started sharpening. Do you think you could imagine that the Tosai on the photo changed like this? This Showa became a superb Nishikigoi as well as the previous Showa.

Before After Series 2

Tosai 25cm
25cm (9).JPG


Before After Series 1

Tosai 27cm
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We would like to present “Before and After” piece.
We intorduce you Nisai (50cm) with its Tosai’s photo (27cm). The Nisai used to have a slim body and less Sumi patterns. However, it’s turning into a dynamic Nishikigoi with more Sumi patterns.


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Today I would like to introduce a female Showa Sanke Nisai of 53cm. It has a bright red like a fluorescent color. The beautiful grey marks underlaying which is a good sign. It is very interesting to watch how its Sumi emerges on its surface. This is a good example of Tategoi.

Very satisfied with result of our biggest mud pond which is 8,000m2

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Today, we harvested the Hattan pond, which is the biggest of all. These Kois have developed ample bodies. The biggest one became around 95cm. And even the smaller ones have quite good body shapes. It was a rich harvest. I feel the pond has become quite crowdy now. I am happy with this excellent result despite of the hot weather in this years summer…

Everyday harvest. 2sai Showa

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This Koi which I am introducing today, is also a Showa Nisai of 57cm. It is a newly harvested Nishikigoi. So its Shiroji is not clear yet but it will turn out to be better within the upcoming winter. This is a Showa with unique patterns on it. On one side of its body you find the black patterns and on the other side you find the red patterns. In this way, the balance makes its look interesting. Its Motoguro is also very good, so we have good expectations for its Sumi. And certainly we hope this Nisai will have a happy future. Do expect it to have good changes in its quality, as it is too young now…