Our new Tosai will be shown at “Nishikigoi Festival” on this weekend

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Today I would like to introduce the kois that I am going to exhibit in the Tokai festival which is going to be held on 3rd of October. The Kohaku group which was abundantly harvested this year among them, 5 Kohaku (Red & White) 2 Showa and..ya 1 Kohaku Tancho also. I would like to exhibit these guys for the event this weekend. Everyone are cordially invited for the Tokaichiku Festival this weekend.

When we harvested Tosai from last mud pond. . . . .

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Today, the sorting out works came to an end and from the last pond. I got these white..no yellow albino tadpoles. I don’t know whether these will bring me fortune ..or misfortune. Anyways I find them rare that why I thought of putting them in the video. Can you see their yellow skin through this movie? The eyes seem reddish..

Stately Tosai of “Cats”

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Today we are harvesting Taisho Sanke that are only delivered from a female Sanke. Their parent koi is really good. They are the tosai of the Sanke named Cats. About 200 koi are in here. We released 420,000 koi in pond, and these are the prime 200 of it. Although yield rate was bad, the babies are very good quality. They obviously inherited strong sumi from their parent. We will take a good care of them.

Kaji-Kagura bloodline are rich harvest

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We harvested Kohaku of Kagura bloodline today. It was Tosai Akiage. I think they are very good quality and yield with all in equal size. Since lot of them, it may be difficult to see each one from other. I certainly feel that they’re becoming superb koi. They grew into about 20cm~23cm in size. We had a rich harvest of Kohaku this year. You can look forward to it.

Tosai Koi Show in autumn

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Today, I would like to introduce the 3rd annual Shinsaku Kanshokai, the show staged by breeders from Nagaoka and Ojiya for this year’s tosai. Unfortunately, there are little less visitors because of the bad weather. Mr. Imai is here. This is the grand champion, Kohaku, bred by Marushin Koi Farm. It looks so large.
This is the 2nd prize, Ginrin Showa, bred by Kawakami Koi Farm from Yamakoshi. This is the 3rd prize, an attractive Doitsu Kohaku, also bred by the same owner as the Ginrin Showa.
The awards ceremony is now taking place.

New trial, auto feeder for fry

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Today, I’m visiting fry ponds in Muikaichi. As you can see, these ponds are covered with the nets to protect the baby koi from predators. And as a first attempt from this year, I put in an automatic feeder beside fry ponds. Baby koi are gathering around the feeder at the moment. My impression through experimenting with the feeder this year is that whole baby koi are growing into an equally bigger size. In addition, I think feeding by feeder helps saving koi food rather than feeding by hand.
I change the amount of food by checking at the condition of the ponds and water temperature daily. The baby koi averages 16.7cm in size now. Whole baby koi is getting good size. I think it is the sign for a proper amount of food for the baby koi that they prowl around the feeder anytime like this. Tosai harvest is finally starting in three days. I’m looking forward to seeing the tosai at this year’s harvest.

No rain . . .

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Today, I’m visiting Nishikigoi ponds at the mountain area. It’s getting slightly evaporated its water in the ponds with hot climate, and the wide edges of the ponds are exposed. I think the ponds decreased about its water level from 40cm to 50cm. I can even see the pump embedded its bottom. I consider that the current condition might have bad effect on feeding Nishikigoi. In that case, we need to develop the depth of the pond water. Thus, we pump water from one to another by electric generator. We are trying hard to solve the problems we are facing now.
In Addition, the heat stops Nishikigoi to come close to the pond surface in daytime because the water temperature around the surface hits 34 Celsius degree. However, it’s fortunate that they eat up all food that I feed daytime at night when it’s getting cooler. But still, this is serious problem that we have now.