Showcase Vol.4 Showa 2sai 54cm

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This is 2sai Showa Sanke, 54cm. During this winter, sumi appears very strongly. Quality of Beni, Sumi and Shiroji are very nice although we haven’t fed her more than six months. At this moment, she is thin but her body confirmation is very good. Although she has thin body now, she has common points which is related to good growth, big head and high body. She has been developed so well during winter. Because this koi also has very nice Motoguro, I’m looking forward to harvesting her.

Showcase Vol.3 Showa 3sai 64cm

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At this Showcase corner, I would like to introduce Showa, 3sai, 64cm. This is one of superb koi which has high quality Beni, Sumi, Shiroji and great body confirmation. Not only sumi quality, the place where sumi appear on body is just right and it enhance the value of this koi so high. We can expect and enjoy good future of this koi because it has stout body structure. Some of you may have seen this koi because I brought this koi into Yume-ten at All Japan Koi Show in 2013. We will soon release her into mud pond. I already can not wait to see her in this autumn.

Showcase Vol.2 Showa 4sai 71cm

This time, I would like to introduce Showa 4sai, 71cm as our Showcase koi. This koi has very good body structure. Quality of Beni, Shiroji and Sumi are very high. The body structure shows more room to grow into jumbo and it gives us dream and expectation.

Showcase Vol.1, Showa, 4sai 72cm

I would like to introduce Showa which is 4sai, 72cm as Showcase Vol.1. The quality of this koi is very high. Besides high quality, interesting and unique pattern is one of attractiveness of this koi. It is very hard to find this kind of beni pattern from breeds. Her Motoguro is also fixed and nice. She is such a nice koi which is 4sai and 72cm

before & after 3sai Kohaku

Today, I would like to introduce Kohaku which I posted last year.
It was 54cm when it was 2sai but now it is 64cm.
She has build muscle and body become tick.
In addition, she has matured atmosphere because body balance become well.
Please take a look at posted movie when it was 2sai and compare how she has been developed.

<Filmed in 2012. 3sai 64㎝>

<Filmed in 2011. 2sai 54㎝>

Super Mucho Body

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Today, I would like to introduce Showa, 65cm, 3sai. Look at this body. What a well-muscled body she has ! The Shiroji hasn’t been white yet but we still can find a high quality Beni and Sumi. When Shiroji becomes white, it will be a wonderful one. Dignified atmosphere, deep-bodied and well-muscled body. . . I hope you can see these great features in the movie. . . .

Hey, 2sai Tategoi! Long time no see!

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I’m sorry I haven’t updated blog for three month. I will try to update constantly.
Today, I filmed the 2sai in mud pond. Because of no water due to hot weather, the water level of mud pond become lower and color of water became strong blue. Because water tempreture of surface become very high, koi swim deeper level of mud pond and I haven’t been able to seen those 2sai much. However, today, hopefully they appears when I visit mud pond so I quietly filmed them. From further seen, it looks growing into roughly 50cm and body confirmation have been developed. We still have one month until harvest, so I will feed them well and make them more beautiful.

At a glance

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Couple days ago in sunny day, the water of mud pond which contain 4sai was very clear so I hide in the bush for 10 min and wait for koi. . . Here they are! I hadn’t seen any of them during summer time but I hopefully could see! Because they are very sensitive for sound, I filmed movie with silence. This year, we had very big rain in summer and was worry about their development but I think they should be fine. I believe their body got fat enough. This is rare shot because I hardly see them so clearly.

2sai, Showa, 50cm

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This is also 2sai, 50cm Showa. It is Maruten four step pattern. The size of body is still 50cm but it has stout body and good quality. Sumi is still 50% fixed but it has finished Motoguro and I know its sumi will be more solid. It is good Tategoi.

Stately 2sai Showa

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This Showa is 57cm, 2sai. This koi has extraordinary body structure. The distance of eyes, height of body, muscle surround body. Atmosphere of this koi is not 2sai . . . The best beni, the best sumi and this pattern . . . I personally like showa which shows this kind of shiroji. Sashi is bit strong but it shouldn’t bother much because lots of koi which has high quality beni has strong sashi. please come and take a look at this real fish at our farm.