2015 Harvest schedule

Harvest season is coming. Here is our harvest plan.

October 11th: 290 pcs Nisai
October 12th: 100 pcs Sansai and Yonsai
October 13th: 66 pcs Sansai

Threreafter, we will continue harvesting everyday.
We look forward to seeing you again soon.

The day of the last harvest of 2sai came

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The day of the last harvest of 2sai came.
We finished to net all Koi that released to the mud pond, a little less than
2,000m2, you can see back.

These Showa are kids of Tepodon.
The biggest size is 55cm~58cm, and the smallest size is late 40cm~50cm.
We are all done for the harvest of 2sai.
Even though Tosai were washed away in the flood of last year, We think this
year’s 2sai are very good.
We would very much like you to come see these Koi!

Hey, 2sai Tategoi! Long time no see!

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I’m sorry I haven’t updated blog for three month. I will try to update constantly.
Today, I filmed the 2sai in mud pond. Because of no water due to hot weather, the water level of mud pond become lower and color of water became strong blue. Because water tempreture of surface become very high, koi swim deeper level of mud pond and I haven’t been able to seen those 2sai much. However, today, hopefully they appears when I visit mud pond so I quietly filmed them. From further seen, it looks growing into roughly 50cm and body confirmation have been developed. We still have one month until harvest, so I will feed them well and make them more beautiful.

! ! !


Good morning.
Lont time no see since spring!
Isa 3sai Showa are harvested.

They are well fleshed and give us strong impression.
Check off spring of “Tepodon”, “Nazo” and “Dango” in 3sai!!

Hello! It’s time for Koi Season!

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Today, we harvested 2sai. Result is . . . GOOD!!! It seems they ate pretty much koi food no matter what huge rain. I can say average size of harvested 2sai is 55cm. Some of them are over 60cm which exceed small 3sai. Showa is good as usual but Kohaku has good body confirmation and quality. Let’s see what we will get tomorrow!

Ikeage will start from tomorrow

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From tomorrow, we will start harvest. At first, we will harvest 400pcs of 2sai. I’m very excited to see result of not only Showa but also Kohaku. This year, we had earthquake, big rain and many troubles. Half of excitement and anxious. . . . We normally harvest one pond everyday, so please stop by our farm and take look.