Congratulations for Hide!

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On Dec 3rd, Hide(Hidemasa Hirasawa) who is main labor of our farm finally got married. Congratulations! The name of bride is “Sumie” and she is very sweet and charming. She is too much for Hide!! Thank you for inviting all of our family and we really enjoy his wedding.
It was so funny to see Hide wearing Tuxedo because I’ve seen only working cloths everyday.
It was very impressive with letter from Sumie to her parents.
It was so funny of Hide’s small mustache and secret booths which makes him 10cm higher.
It was great, wonderful and cheerful wedding. Wish you be happy for long . . . .

DSC01133.JPGのサムネール画像 DSC01139.JPGのサムネール画像 DSC01177.JPGDSC01190.JPG

Special event of Sannichikai on 1st May

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This 2sai will be entered into The 1st Sannichikai Event. This is 52cm Female and I was going to use this fish for All Japan Young Koi Show 53Bu. Body confirmation, quality, patter, finish, this koi is ready for koi show. Because I also want to make The 1st Sannichikai event successful, I decided to use this koi for auction. Please come and join our event on 1st May at Tani Koi Farm. We are looking forward to seeing you at there.

The 1st Sannichikai Special Event (Tosai)

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On May 1st, The 1st Sannichikai event will be held at Tani Koi Farm, Narita-shi Chiba pref. Sannichikai was established by our father generation and it consist of Dainichi, Hosokai, Hiroi(Yozen), Oya, Kawakami(Jirosuke), Izumiya and Isa. We are all close friend and good rival as well. I’m sure all of us bring really high quality fish because everyone don’t like to be a loser! Isa Koi Farm will bring Tosai and 2sai for auction. Not many fish will be entered into this auction because it is only focused on high quality. Not only auction but affordable koi for sale will be available, so on 1st May, please come to Tani Koi Farm. Even you can not come to the ground, you can make advanced bid from web page.
Please check

The 10th Famous Breeders Auction (Tosai)

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This Tosai Showa will be entered into The 10th famous breeders auction at Narita Yogyoen. This is 32cm, female and it has very good body structure. The distance of eyes, the height of body, it will be big one. It has good pattern as well. Maruten Yondan. Sumi is still not finished but you can find high quality sumi underneath at right place. You can also find sumi from shoulder to nose as Hachiware. This is still under the development but it has really high potential.

The 10th Famous Breeders Auction

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Here we go. This weekend, The 10th popular breeders auction event will be held at Narita Yogyoen in Aichi pref. We will entry three Tosai and one 2sai. I would like to introduce 2sai in this movie. I’m not sure whether movie is good enough to tell this strong atmosphere. It’s really powerful. Some people may not like its pattern because beni is one sided but body confirmation beyond its issue behind. It would be much better if sumi on head become more clear but you can forget about it if you find quality of this fish. It seems that this is “Tsubo” for Mr. Kumano from Rinko Corp. and he admired this koi very much.
Thank you! I love this koi, too!
Please come to Narita Yogyoen on 24th and join event.

Thank you very much for your hospitality.

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On 10th April, All Japan Nishikigoi Shinkokai Niigata District organized charity auction. Hopefully, there were more than 500 participants all over Japan and the world. This event was decided to run just two weeks before the event but all of breeders and participants help each other to support victims of quake, so at last, we could earn more than 14,000,000yen. Full amount of these amount exclude expense will be donated to victims through Shinkokai. Participants who came to auction ground, participants who made a bid, cooperation and breeders unit into one group and collaborate each other.

Niigata Charity Auction for Tohoku Earthquake (Koi)

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Today, I would like to introduce three Isa Showa which will be entered into Charity Auction for quake victims on April 10th. All of them are 2sai and each Nishikigoi has different type. 48cm Showa has bit small length than the others but it has stable and solid quality and I feel this fish has infinite possibility. Another female 2sai Showa which is 50cm(In movie, it is introduced as 53cm but it’s wrong. 50cm is right info.) has bright Beni and Shiroji. It als has good body structure and nice characteristic. The last one is 54cm Male Showa. It is bit skinny now but this fish has superb quality. This fish is also good for the show, so I’m sure not only breeder but also hobbyists or dealer can enjoy this Nishikigoi. To be honest with you, I couldn’t make decision whether I should put this fish into auction or not because this is one of important male parents candidate for us. However, at this auction, breeder is also allowed to make a bid, so I wonder I can expect more bidding amount from this male Showa so we can donate more money to victims. Because we had had same quake disaster before, Niigata breeders cooperate each other and organize this auction to support victims. Anyone can joy and bid at this auction, Please contact to any local dealer or us if you are interested in.

Niigata Charity Auction for Tohoku Earthquake


All Japan Nishikigoi Shinkokai, Niigata District has decided to organize charity auction to support victims from quake. In 2004, we had had huge support and sincere help from all over the world. Because we had similar experience, we wish this event will help victims to recover from quake soon. All of Nishikigoi which enter into this event will be donated by breeders and all of bid amount will be donated to victim area through All Japan Nishikigoi Shinkokai donation account. We welcome all of you to join and enjoy this charity event no matter what you are dealer or hobbyists. The detailed entry Nishikigoi will be introduced on following All Japan Nishikigoi Shinkokai, Niigata District webpage.

Niigata Nishikigoi Auction (3sai)

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Today, I would like to introduce 3sai, 62cm Showa which will participate The 8th Niigata Nishikigoi Auction on March 9th 2011. As you can see, Beni patter is one-sided and Sumi was weak when it was Tosai and 2sai. However, it has wonderful Beni quality, Shiroji, body confirmation and Shitazumi(Sumi underneath), so I decided to keep another year as Tategoi. Hopefully, Sumi appeared as what I expected and it has unique characteristic and atmosphere. I have confident on this Nishikigoi.

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At “Uosui” in Osaka

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Last week end, there was an event at Uosui in Osaka. The name of the event was “Let’s make Spring in bloom”. However, unfortunately, there was big snow in Kansai area one day before event and high way had been closed. Local road was heavy traffic. It was far from “Spring” but hopefully, we had wonderful blue sky with many visitors. Thank you very much for coming. We would like to organize a new event next year, so we hope you could come again. I also would like to appreciate to all of Uosui.