Wish my luck . . .

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Yesterday, it was huge rain like a squall. It may be difficult to see on movie but I happened to find very rare scene. The rainbow appeared just in front of my car!!! I have never seen rainbow in front of me, so I grab camera and filmed. I hope this is good sign. Please wish my luck . . .

Koi House, completed!

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I’ happy to announce that our new concrete pond(facility) is completed. 10 ponds of 15t for multi purpose and 1 pond of 70t for keeping. We started construction at the end of summer and finally we made it . . .  We asked constructor to complete out frame before snow and they finished it without taking holiday. Then, we started set up of electricity, inside construction, filteration and finally released koi into new pond. We will utilize this new facility and breed more koi which make your koi life more happy. We also would like to start keeping koi in concrete pond during summer time as well.

Congratulations for Hide!

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On Dec 3rd, Hide(Hidemasa Hirasawa) who is main labor of our farm finally got married. Congratulations! The name of bride is “Sumie” and she is very sweet and charming. She is too much for Hide!! Thank you for inviting all of our family and we really enjoy his wedding.
It was so funny to see Hide wearing Tuxedo because I’ve seen only working cloths everyday.
It was very impressive with letter from Sumie to her parents.
It was so funny of Hide’s small mustache and secret booths which makes him 10cm higher.
It was great, wonderful and cheerful wedding. Wish you be happy for long . . . .

DSC01133.JPGのサムネール画像 DSC01139.JPGのサムネール画像 DSC01177.JPGDSC01190.JPG

Unidentified Living Thing. . .

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Now a days, we are doing first culling. Under the strong sunshine, we have culled children of first paring parents and main parents with excitement and anxiety. As I reported, spawning was taken place later than used to be, however, may be because of high temperature, we have been able to do first culling after 20 to 25days from spawning. Therefore, progress of breeding is almost same as usual. Today, I happened to find very rare tadpole. This is tadpole of American bullfrog but I think this is extraordinary because this is “Tancho tadpole”! I’ve seen many kinds of tadpole at mud pond but I have never seen “Tancho” one before. . . Our new staff, “Muto” will take care of these because he is expert of reptiles and amphibian. When it turn to be real “Tacho frog”, I will let you know.

Snow, snow, snow and more snow !

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Every year, the weather of this season makes me depressed. Snow, snow and snow everyday . . .
When I wake up in the morning, firstly I open window and confirm quantity of snow we got during the night.
Even we make plan what to do, snow will blow plan off easy.
We have snow 1.2 to 1.3m around my house. Believe or not, mountain area has double than ours.
Forecast tells that we will keep having snow for a while. Spring is still far from now.

A Happy New Year

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A Happy New Year. Thank you very much for your support last year and we wish we could have your support again this year as well. This year, we would like to put more effort and passion on breeding high quality Nishikigoi. I would like to pursue the ideal Nishikigoi with staff, I’m looking forward to having your attention again.

The 2010 is ending . . .


We have launched this blog on 2010 and it is about to have new year soon. Thank you very much for your attention and warm voice through homepage. 2010 was very memorial year for me. On March, we hopefully had first boy. In autumn, we could have honorable prizes. We will do our best to breed Nishikigoi which makes you happy and enjoy. Thank you very much and hope you have a good new year.

When we harvested Tosai from last mud pond. . . . .

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Today, the sorting out works came to an end and from the last pond. I got these white..no yellow albino tadpoles. I don’t know whether these will bring me fortune ..or misfortune. Anyways I find them rare that why I thought of putting them in the video. Can you see their yellow skin through this movie? The eyes seem reddish..

Ojiya Bull Fighting. Chuzaemon became the top

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Today, we visit Hidemasa’s house. Look at this massive bull that he owns. Mitsrunori: Is this Chuzaemongo?
Hidemasa: Yes, it is. This is a Yokozuna (a Champion).
Mitsrunori:Is it?
Hidemasa: Yeah, it is like Asashoryu (name of a sumo-wrestler champion).
Mitsunori: Wow, the body is so ripped. Is it safe to get closer to the bull?
Hidemasa: No problem.
Mitsunori: It’s so scary though….
Hidemasa: Usually, he is pretty calm. Don’t worry.
Mitsunori: What a powerful appearance! Take a close look at these horns. Hmm, I don’t think I can get any closer to him.
Mitsunori: How old is he?
Hidemasa: He is 12 years old.
Mitsunori: Does 12-year-old bulls considered old?