Koi for Niigata Auction Vol.1

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We are going to put this koi up on Niigata Auction. This Showa is 2sai, Male, 54cm. The pattern of this koi is very good, specially beni on the head is quite unique. Please take a look at her at auction ground and find wonderful Shiroji.

Niigata Auction will be held on 19th April.

Entry into 44th All Japan Nishikigoi Show in 2013

I am sorry that I haven’t updated blog for long time. You can not see clearly because koi is under the quarantine but please enjoy our entry koi into 44th All Japan Nishikigoi Show.

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I would like to introduce our koi which will enter into the 44th All Japan Nishikigoi Show.Mainly our top class 2sai and 3sai will participate this koi show which will be held in Tokyo.

We will enter 9pcs which are Kohaku, Showa and Tancho Showa. The smallest size of entry is 50Bu and the biggest size of entry is 75Bu this time. Well, I am also very much interested in to see result! Actually, this koi show is the most authorized and highest quality koi show in the world. I am so excited to see how our koi can play well in this competition. Because those koi are under the quarantine, water is not clear and you may not see well but all of them are confident in myself.

Koi Show will be held at Tokyo Ryutsu Center on Feb 2nd and 3rd, please come and take a look our koi and the world highest quality competitors.

Bad boy, married at last !










On 3rd September, Kazuyoshi from Hiroi Koi Farm(Yozen) finally merried. To be honest with you, we are good friends of him but we thought he would not have a chance to marry anymore but . . . It was great and big and very surprised news for us. Even Sannichikai member didn’t know that he marry untill we received invitation from him. What a surprise!!!

His wife, Ms. Yurie, is very beautiful woman as you can find from pic and she is swimming instructor. Two of my daughters know her because they go to swimming school. They said, Ms. Yurie is always smiling toward kids and very fun. She is loved by all kids in swimming school. I’m very expressed that Kazuyoshi could marry with such a wonderful woman.

Please look at such a pieceful and happy couple. We wish your happiness for long.

To Kazu
Do not eat too much ramen and drink too much alcohole. . .

To other wedding participants
I’m sorry that we were very noisy at party. We couldn’t control ourselves because of this great news and surprise!!

“Tepodon” bloodline is back

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As you can find from previous post which was provided by Hirasawa, I would like to introduce fry from “Tepodon”. These are fry which survive from terrible heavy rain, I call them elite!! Fry from “Tepodon” tend to have strong Sumi from 1st, 2nd culling and easier to cull than other frys. However, the water of mud pond was heavily stirrered, Sumi was disappeared, Hi was rough, Kiwa was hardly recognized and they were almost Mujimono. However, even appearance looks different, it drastically becomes ordinary “Tepodon” fry after two weeks from moving mud pond. I really regret myself that I didn’t film previous appearance of “Tepondon” fry before but I’m also surprised how it is developed. What we can judge from eye is very limited and I learned that it is very important to believe parent fish and its bloodline.

* Mr. T from Chiba and Mr. S from Malaysia, thank you very much for visitation soon after heavy rain even you got lots of dirt and mud on your cloths. You also must surprised about these fry because you also seen previous bad condition fry . . .

Scary natural disaster

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I’m terribly sorry for not updating our blog for long time. At the end of July, we had terrible rain and I haven’t been able to spend much time for computre because we have culling and reconstruction. Movie was filmed before but didn’t have time to upload it. Let me show you the place where was damaged by this terrible rain. In this area, we have 12 fry pond which roughly 8,000 squre meter. The stream besides these pond is very narrow and it will be fulled up with not much rain, so it didn’t have enough capacity to handle such a huge rain we had . . .  Matter of course, it was overflowed and can not be functioned as pond. This area become like a dam because rain was much more than drain and water level become higher and higher. We also found a plce where landslide cover road, stream and drain, so pond become like a river. In addition, we found unknown big whole in mud pond which drain all water with fry . . . There are many places we can not go because of such a terrible conditions but all of staff work together very hard and we hopefully found fry which remain in pond. We also would like to appreciate to construction company because they soon took an action to recover our destroyed mud pond. There is nothing I can do for myself alone but everybody work together so hard and now we are moving forward. I know this is not realistic way of thinking but I take this incident positive way and believe we can harvest wonderful and beautiful koi which survive from this horrible circumstances.

Nex day we had heavy rain, we walked 4km of road is covered with thousands of obstracle and found pond which was destroyed by too much water. We found pond which is covered by landslide. Water from river still stream into some mud pond. It is not hard to imagine how bad rain it was because we could see trush which was caught top of 2m metal pole. Hopefully, we found one mud pond which is not badly damaged. Hara and Muto carried necessary instruments all the way and visited this pond to rescue fry nex day but they reported me that all water was gone from pond. WHAT?????? I soon flew to pond and found one big whole, 3m width and 10m depth, in mud pond. I couldn’t resist asking many questions to myself. What is this? Why does it happen? It wasn’t here yesterday but why today??? As far as we know so far, there was stream but it was covered by landslide roughly 10 years ago. Previous land owner constructed land and use for rice paddy. However, because of this huge rain, water shaved mud from underneath of ground and sucked all mud down when all water were drained. (Hope you understand this explanation . . ) Anyway, we know how nature is strong from quake but we found it again through this rain.

All of six members of Isa Koi Farm walked more than 4km to reach to this mud pond. Everyone of us just wish strongly to rescue even a piece of fry and carried culling instruments, tub, fertilizer, koi food and more. This is the pond which locate very last of stream and it contains lots of mud which is delivered by river because there was anywhere to go. However, hopefully, we had much numbers of fry than we expected. Because mud is heavily stirrered, sumi is bid blurred and difficult to cull but this is not problem at all because it will be cured when environment become better. Needless to say, we were nothing more than happy because we could rescue many frys and found more number of quality fry than we expected.

Niigata Nishikigoi Auction (Tosai)

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This time, I would like to introduce Tosai which will participate The 8th Niigata Nishikigoi Auction on March 9th 2011. This year, these size isare bit smaller than used to be but those are pretty nice ones. When I filmed movie, Beni and Sumi was not solid but it is getting solid and clear these days. Please come and join auctoin on 9th. (The participants must be a member of Shinkokai.)

Holly cow ! 3sai Showa, 72cm




吉口 56cm.JPG今回紹介するのは今年の3歳最長で揚がった昭和です。当歳時36cm、2歳時56cm、そして今年3歳で72cmと驚異の成長を見せております。墨は少なめですが徐々に出てき、この異常なまでの成長にもかかわらず全く崩れない紅、そして何んと言ってもこの体型。70cmを超えて風格が出てきました。体高がかなりある為まだまだ成長する余裕があります。これからのこの鯉の成長、まだまだ未知数です。