Kokugyo in 70Bu Male at the 44th All Japan Koi Show.

At the 44th All Japan Koi Show, we could win Kokugyo in 70Bu Male class. Congratulations for Mr. Hartono. This Kohaku also won Kokugyo in 65Bu last year as well.

This koi is based on Kachi Kohaku, Kagura bloodline, as same as Runner Up Champion at Nogyo-sai in 2012. This bloodline grows very well and lots of them can be jumbo koi. Compare to last year, atmosphere is getting matured but I am sure that this koi still have potential development in the future. Mr. Hartono also took Grand Champion at All Japan Koi Show. Congratulations!!

At the 44th All Japan Koi Show, we entered 9pcs and fortunately, all of them got prize. One became Mature Male Champion, two became Kokugyo, one became 1st place, three became second place and two became third place. I am satisfied with this result because all of entry got prize as same as last year. Thank you very much and congratulations for owner and distributor.

It is first experience for us to make entry koi finish at our own concrete pond during winter time. We will have polished our keeping skill and get prepared to into koi show more. Thank you very much for your sincere understanding and support.

(Pic and movie are provided by Nishikigoi from Niigata)