Entry into 44th All Japan Nishikigoi Show in 2013

I am sorry that I haven’t updated blog for long time. You can not see clearly because koi is under the quarantine but please enjoy our entry koi into 44th All Japan Nishikigoi Show.

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I would like to introduce our koi which will enter into the 44th All Japan Nishikigoi Show.Mainly our top class 2sai and 3sai will participate this koi show which will be held in Tokyo.

We will enter 9pcs which are Kohaku, Showa and Tancho Showa. The smallest size of entry is 50Bu and the biggest size of entry is 75Bu this time. Well, I am also very much interested in to see result! Actually, this koi show is the most authorized and highest quality koi show in the world. I am so excited to see how our koi can play well in this competition. Because those koi are under the quarantine, water is not clear and you may not see well but all of them are confident in myself.

Koi Show will be held at Tokyo Ryutsu Center on Feb 2nd and 3rd, please come and take a look our koi and the world highest quality competitors.