We took Runner Up Grand Champion at The 52nd Nogyo-sai!

Today, I proudly report the result of The 52nd Nogyo-sai which was held on 27th and 28th on Oct. We entered well selected 6pcs in total, Showa in 65Bu, 70Bu and over 80Bu, Sanke in 75Bu, and Kohaku in 80Bu and over 85Bu. As result, 65Bu Showa tok Best in Size, 70Bu Showa took 1st place, 75Bu Sanke was 3rd place, 80Bu Kohaku was 1st place, over 80Bu Kohaku was 2nd place and over 80Bu Kohaku took Runner Up Grand Champion!! Because Nogyo-sai is breeder’s koi show, all breeders enter their high quality koi to show their koi off and quality of koi are very high. Therefore, it is very difficult to get prize but hopefully, all of our koi are nominated by prize and took wonderful prize. We are truly happy the result of this koi show. We will improve and develop more and achieve better and higher result next year.