No rain . . .

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Today, I’m visiting Nishikigoi ponds at the mountain area. It’s getting slightly evaporated its water in the ponds with hot climate, and the wide edges of the ponds are exposed. I think the ponds decreased about its water level from 40cm to 50cm. I can even see the pump embedded its bottom. I consider that the current condition might have bad effect on feeding Nishikigoi. In that case, we need to develop the depth of the pond water. Thus, we pump water from one to another by electric generator. We are trying hard to solve the problems we are facing now.
In Addition, the heat stops Nishikigoi to come close to the pond surface in daytime because the water temperature around the surface hits 34 Celsius degree. However, it’s fortunate that they eat up all food that I feed daytime at night when it’s getting cooler. But still, this is serious problem that we have now.

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