Ojiya Bull Fighting. Chuzaemon became the top

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Today, we visit Hidemasa’s house. Look at this massive bull that he owns. Mitsrunori: Is this Chuzaemongo?
Hidemasa: Yes, it is. This is a Yokozuna (a Champion).
Mitsrunori:Is it?
Hidemasa: Yeah, it is like Asashoryu (name of a sumo-wrestler champion).
Mitsunori: Wow, the body is so ripped. Is it safe to get closer to the bull?
Hidemasa: No problem.
Mitsunori: It’s so scary though….
Hidemasa: Usually, he is pretty calm. Don’t worry.
Mitsunori: What a powerful appearance! Take a close look at these horns. Hmm, I don’t think I can get any closer to him.
Mitsunori: How old is he?
Hidemasa: He is 12 years old.
Mitsunori: Does 12-year-old bulls considered old?

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