Full of confident. Hidemasa Hirasawa from Maruhide Koi Farm

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Today, I visited Hidemasa Hirasawa to see a culling at Maruhide Koi Farm in Minaminigoro, Niigata pref. He has culled Doitsu, Kohaku, and Sanke.
Mitsunori: The baby koi became quite large.
Hidemasa: Oh, right.
Mitsunori: What’s up with that big smile?
Hidemasa: Hahaha.
Mitsunori: You seem to be pleased with your baby koi’s growth.
Hidemasa: Well, this year is going to…this year is also going to be a good harvest.
Mitsunori: Good.
Hidemasa: They are in good condition.
Mitsunori: I see.
Here are some of the best baby koi after the culling. As usual, favorable features are emerged on their skins.
Mitsunori: What do you think? Do you expect them to become a prospective Sakura prize winner and variety division winner among these baby koi?
Hidemasa: Probably.
Mitsunori: Have you found distinguished one?
Hidemasa: I’m sure they have potential to be beautiful Nishikigoi.
Mitsunori: I see. Let’s wait for the third culling coming up?
Hidemasa: Right, I want to grow them in hope, too.
Mitsunori: It was Hidemasa Hirasawa’s interview.

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