Hi Hiroshi !

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Mitsunori: Today, Hiroshi Toyama coming all the way from Tokyo to draw a net. How do you feel working on a pond the first time in a year? (Actually, he came to interview us though.)
Hiroshi: I’m awfully sweating.
Mitsunori: I see. Haven’t you lost your touch after a year absence?
Hiroshi: I sit in front of my PC at an air-conditioned office all day long. What do you think?
Mitsunori: I got your point. But you are working up a good sweat today, Hiroshi.
Hiroshi: Yes, and I can lose some weight.
Mitsunori: Well, I see you walking with unsteady steps when you pulling the net.
Anyway, he might bring a good luck to the new pond. Let’s hope for the best.
Hiroshi: I’m looking forward to see the Nishikigoi in this new pond.
Mitsunori: That’s right. This is a new pond that finished this year.
Hiroshi: Yeah, this pond wasn’t here last year.
Mitsunori: We wish we would harvest many high quality Nishikigoi from the new pond.

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