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Mitsunori: Today, Mr. Omiya came to shoot our Nishikigoi for another Live Koi online event called “Sumi Monogatari (sumi story).” Our extremely interesting Showa will be exhibited at the event, so please take a look at it.
Omoya: Furthermore, Hiroshi from Dainichi Koi Farm shows his competitive spirit by entering attractive Showa. There will be more interesting Nishikigoi at the event. Sumi Monogatari only introduces sumi mono. If you love or are interested in sumi mono, please visit the website.
Mitsunori: We have carefully selected Nishikigoi that suit best to Sumi Monogatari.
Hidemasa: Are they attractive?
Mitsunori: Of course, they are attractive!
Hidemasa: Attractive it is! We cannot wait for the event to start.
Mitsunori: Hiroshi~, you should watch this.
Omiya: Will he? Hahaha I would also like other breeders to watch the event.
Mitsunori: Yes, those Nishikigoi will blow their mind as well.
Hidemasa: I see. I’m looking forward to the event.
Mitsunori, Omiya: We would appreciate it if you visit and see the Nishikigoi at Sumi Monogatari online event. Thank you.

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