Special Koi Food Sannichikai Special, last day

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The fertilizer has been sat for 3 days. It looks like this now. As we reported previously, it contains rice bran, poultry manure, water, and the special bacterial liquid.
It’s moisture and like this firmness, which a lump breaks when a hand holds it.
We usually make the amount of approximately 700kg to 750kg at a time. Now, Hirasawa (Hidemasa) and Hara are helping to pack the fertilizer in paper bags.
Mitsunori: He professions the packing process.
Hidemasa: Oh, yeah! If there is such a game in the Olympic program, I can be…fourth place.
Everyone: hahaha
Mitsunori: But, you work slower than usual.
Hidemasa: It’s all Hara’s fault. He’s feeling bad today.
Everyone: hahaha
Well, like this, we pack the fertilizer in bags and load them on a truck. The all fertilizer bags are going to fit on the entire back of the truck.
Mitsunor: Good luck, guys.
Hidemasa: Ok, thanks.
Mitsunori: Oops, it fell down.

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