Special Koi Food, Sannichikai Special, 2nd day

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Hi, today we report day 2 of making the original fertilizer. We add more rice bran and poultry manure at this stage.
He makes a bag of rice bran look lighter, but actually it is heavy.
Hidemasa: Yes, it is.
Mitsunori: Like this, add rice bran to the fertilizer sat overnight. Then, here it comes the poultry manure. He didn’t even drop a single piece.
Hidemasa: Of course, I never drop it.
Mitsunori: Add several baskets of poultry manure. This is the poultry manure.
We fortunately get baby chiken’s feces this time. It’s good quality poultry manure. We will run the machine all day today, and it’s going to finish tomorrow.

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