Waiting for hatch . . .

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It’s 4:30 in the morning on June 11th.
We’ve just finished the fertilization process between Chokan Sho’s eggs and the two male’s sperms.
Fortunately, we could harvest many eggs, which amounts over 2300g, from Chokan Sho, and she became one of the key oyagoi at our farm.
Please look forward to seeing Chokan Sho’s children.
Hidemasa: It’s already early in the morning. Aren’t you exhausted?
Mitsunori: No, not at all. Rather, it’s hot.
Hidemasa: Yeah, you are sweating.
Mitsunori: Because it’s warm in here. Well, we need to wait for another female koi to spawn. We’ll start working in the daytime so I hope the female finish spawning by then.
Hidemasa: So far so good?
Mitsurnori: Yes. Our oyagoi keep on spawning many eggs, over 1000g, so we have to catch up with kuroko culling. It’s a rich harvest this year.
Hidemasa: We’ve chosen Chokan Sho as our main oyagoi since last year. We are happy that the oyagoi has spawned numerous eggs.
Mitsunori: What do you think the reason for this year’s rich harvest?
Hidemasa: Hmm, what do you mean?
Mitsunori: It is about our good deed.
Hidemasa: Oh, I see. That’s right (laugh). Well, good luck for the rest of your work.
Mitsunori: See you soon.

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