Ake 3sai releasing into mud pond, 4,000m2

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We came here to release these koi today.
This pond sizes 4,744yd2. Koi are pleasantly swimming in the pond.
Hidemasa: Mitsunori-kun, how do you think these koi will be?
Mitsunori: Well, we put 60 koi in the pond, its number is less than last year. I think they will be developed in this coming autumn. Please wait for them with great expectations.
I’m sorry that you can’t see koi in the cloudy water. Oh,¬† over there.
Hidemasa: Speaking of which, it’s still been cold in Niigata, but do you think koi in mud ponds can handle it?
Mitsunori: it’s too cold!
Hidemasa: Right.
Mitsunori: I can’t believe I’m still wearing a knitted cap and a down jacket in the middle of May.
Hidemasa: (Laughing)
Mitsunori: I just can’t help it. It’s abnormal weather.
Hidemasa: Mitsunori-kun, however, has a good skill of keeping Nishikigoi so it will be ok.

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