Visitation at Kachi Koi Farm 2/2

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Hello, this is Mitsunori Isa at Isa Koi Farm.
Today, I visited Kachi Koi Farm to buy my parent koi.
We were happy to buy such nice koi.

Kachi) Today, Mr. Isa bought my koi for his parent.
For me, Mr. Isa is the person who I really respect and
it is my honor that he takes my koi as his parent.
I would like to develop my koi more and more as
same as Mr. Isa.

I would like to breed beautiful koi that may keep nice quality and body confirmation
produced by Kachi-san to the next generation.
Kachi-kun is my rival and at the same time, good friend of mine.
We would like to help each other and go for higher leve together.

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