Spawning has been started

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From today, we start spawning. We will take artificial spawning method which makes ratio of hatching higher. At first day, we use “Tepodon” which is one of our main bloodline. Because this koi takes long time to spawn eggs, I put it in first day. Next is “Tora-ichi”. We used this koi last year and found it very successful. I hope it will be our main bloodline in the future. And the name of new koi which come out as parent koi is called “CT” from Omosako bloodline. I wish it will breed wonderful Nishikigoi which is more than “GT”. The next generations from male parent koi, “Higuma” which is over 85cm are also coming out. We will of course use new male parent koi, “Big Town”, which we purchased at “Kanto Meiri Ten”. From today, we won’t be able to sleep in the night . . .

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