Niigata Nishikigoi Auction 2

<Comment in movie>

I would like to introduce another high quality koi which will be entered into Niigata Nishikigoi Auction. 2sai, 55cm, Showa. In movie, I mentioned it is 54cm but it was filmed in Jan. It grew 1cm already and now it is 55cm. The feature point of this Showa is body. It has pretty much muscle and borne structure is more stout than others. Therefore, this koi is heavier than other same size koi. It gives me a good prospective of future.

This Showa is 3sai and it’s 61cm. Compare to other 3sai of ours, it is not big but please take a look at this beni and sumi. Well, well, well, this koi has so much things we can see. It is good enough to enter into All Japan Young Koi Show on April 21st, 2012. I assume it will be around 61 or 62cm. It is just a size of 63bu. . . .

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