Congratulations for Hide!

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On Dec 3rd, Hide(Hidemasa Hirasawa) who is main labor of our farm finally got married. Congratulations! The name of bride is “Sumie” and she is very sweet and charming. She is too much for Hide!! Thank you for inviting all of our family and we really enjoy his wedding.
It was so funny to see Hide wearing Tuxedo because I’ve seen only working cloths everyday.
It was very impressive with letter from Sumie to her parents.
It was so funny of Hide’s small mustache and secret booths which makes him 10cm higher.
It was great, wonderful and cheerful wedding. Wish you be happy for long . . . .

DSC01133.JPGのサムネール画像 DSC01139.JPGのサムネール画像 DSC01177.JPGDSC01190.JPG

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