2sai, Kohaku, 54cm, offspring of Shirayuki

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This is Kohaku, 2sai 54cm. The parent koi of this Kohaku won Grand Champion at All Kanto(owner is Mr. Shibayama) and Tokai District(owner is Mr. Yokoi). These brothers and sisters are first offspring from its parent koi. The name of parent is “Shirayuki”(It means “White Snow”) and Kagura bloodline. The parent koi looks great and perfect body when I found it at Kachi Koi Farm in Fukui pref.. I knew it was too much favor but I begged Mr. Kachi to sell this koi. When I look at this koi, it doesn’t have any Hi and totally Shiromuji. However, Tecchan(son of Mr. Kachi) said it has bright and good beni. Because I trust him 100%, I couldn’t resist myself to use our male parent koi with this female one. Hopefully, body structure genetically look after their parent and we got a few koi with true Kagura beni. It is just 2sai at this moment but they will be harvested from mud pond. I can say, you can expect on this. The parent koi is absolutely . . .moster . . .

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