Unidentified Living Thing. . .

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Now a days, we are doing first culling. Under the strong sunshine, we have culled children of first paring parents and main parents with excitement and anxiety.¬†As I reported, spawning was taken place later than used to be, however, may be because of high temperature, we have been able to do first culling after 20 to 25days from spawning. Therefore, progress of breeding is almost same as usual. Today, I happened to find very rare tadpole. This is tadpole of American bullfrog but I think this is extraordinary because this is “Tancho tadpole”! I’ve seen many kinds of tadpole at mud pond but I have never seen “Tancho” one before. . . Our new staff, “Muto” will take care of these because he is expert of reptiles and amphibian. When it turn to be real “Tacho frog”, I will let you know.

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