Kuroko Selection will be mostly over.


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Kuroko Selection. We just need to divide black fry and yellow fry. We start after sunrise and keep sucking black fry up. We have to have strong patient and gats at this selection specially soon after spawning because we can not sleep during spawning. When spawning and Kuroko selection occurs in same days and it lasts continuously, energy drink become our principal food. . . . Today, we had Kuroko selection from “Pattun” which is first time to use as parent koi. “Pattun” took Niigata Governor Award at Nogyo-sai last year because of superb quality and body confirmation. We decided to use this koi as parent because we want to keep this gene for next generation. As you can find from picture, this koi, “Pattun”, doesn’t have strong sumi. To enhance quality of Sumi, we use “Higuma” which was nominated at Kokugyo prize at All Japan Nishikigoi Show before. Let’s see how it turns to be . . . Hopefully, spawning was successfull at this moment. * This movie was filmed by Hide Hirasawa. You can find that all of us grinned from his explanation because this is “Take 3”. He was nervous because he hasn’t filmed movie for wrong? He messed up his lines many times . . .

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