Showa spawning are done. Kohaku and Sanke are coming.

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Hopefully, spawning of Showa are mostly completed. I was bit worry how it goes because early paring didn’t went well. However, as a result, ratio of hatch and black fry is almost same as last year. It means, we are doing very well. We still have one Showa paring to go but we start using Kohaku and Sanke. The Showa you can find in the film is called “Dango”. It doesn’t spawn well but I will wait for a while. The Kohaku in the film is “Shirayuki” which was first use last year. The atmosphere of “Shirayuki” Tosai is. . . .very nice . . . Another Kohaku is new comer and no name yet. The sisters of its koi took Grand Champion at Kanto Kosietsu district and Tokai district. It is still 5 years but 84cm already. This koi has kept good quality since it was young and I have kept this koi for parent. This is the debut year ! At last, I would like to introduce “Cats”, Sanke. Last year, it gives over 2kg eggs! I’m expecting on you again! As same as last year, if spawning of “Cats” went well, I will not take any other Sanke spawning. I do expect and love with this koi.

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