Spawning is started

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I’m sorry that I haven’t updated blog for long time . . . To be honest with you, this moview was filmed on June 10th and I was going to upload this kind of movie day by day. However, the start of spawning was two weeks later than usual and main parents fish hadn’t been spawned for a while and exhaustion and lack of sleep and stress and etc. All these matters drove me away from computer. Some customers sent me message that I should update blog more often. . . . I’m sorry . . . However, hopefully, things are getting better now. Main parents and new parents gives good ratio of birth and Kuroko as usual. Fry will be released into pond soon. In addition, I have tried new technique of spawning which was advised by Sekiguchi Koi Farm and Niigata Prefectural Inlandwater Fisheries Experiment Station. Thank you very much for your helpful advise, Mr. Sato and Mr. Sekiguchi! I would like to report how fry grows through this blog, so please visit check our website. As you can find from movie, Mr. Hiroshi Muto at Tokyo Kanshogyo has been working at Isa Koi Farm as trainee. He loves living thing and also has stamina so he already started working very well here. He may appear on our blog, so I appreciate your sincere support towards him as well.

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