Special selection for Koi Show at Maruhide Koi Farm

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Can you find a three stepped pattern koi right below? The koi was awarded the 15th division Sakura prize at the All Japan Combined Young Nishikigoi Show last year (sorry, it was this year). I guess its size is currently about 25cm long, and the fish is getting plump. Now I keep fish inside a facility to encourage their growth.

Be aware of bear ! !

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This is fantastic mountain landscape in Minaminigoro, Niigata pref. However, a bear finally attacks this tranquil area.
Mitsunori: Oh? Hidemasa is here.
Hidemasa: What’s up?
Mitsunori: Is it true that a bear found in this area?
Hidemasa: Right, a bear appeared. It was a bear cub, though.
Mitsunori: What a rural town here is!
Hidemasa: Come on! Don’t say that.
Mitsunori: Please watch out for the bear and bring a bell when you come to Niigata.
Hidemasa: Hahaha.
It was bear information from Minaminigoro.

Full of confident. Hidemasa Hirasawa from Maruhide Koi Farm

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Today, I visited Hidemasa Hirasawa to see a culling at Maruhide Koi Farm in Minaminigoro, Niigata pref. He has culled Doitsu, Kohaku, and Sanke.
Mitsunori: The baby koi became quite large.
Hidemasa: Oh, right.
Mitsunori: What’s up with that big smile?
Hidemasa: Hahaha.
Mitsunori: You seem to be pleased with your baby koi’s growth.
Hidemasa: Well, this year is going to…this year is also going to be a good harvest.
Mitsunori: Good.
Hidemasa: They are in good condition.
Mitsunori: I see.
Here are some of the best baby koi after the culling. As usual, favorable features are emerged on their skins.
Mitsunori: What do you think? Do you expect them to become a prospective Sakura prize winner and variety division winner among these baby koi?
Hidemasa: Probably.
Mitsunori: Have you found distinguished one?
Hidemasa: I’m sure they have potential to be beautiful Nishikigoi.
Mitsunori: I see. Let’s wait for the third culling coming up?
Hidemasa: Right, I want to grow them in hope, too.
Mitsunori: It was Hidemasa Hirasawa’s interview.

Hi Hiroshi !

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Mitsunori: Today, Hiroshi Toyama coming all the way from Tokyo to draw a net. How do you feel working on a pond the first time in a year? (Actually, he came to interview us though.)
Hiroshi: I’m awfully sweating.
Mitsunori: I see. Haven’t you lost your touch after a year absence?
Hiroshi: I sit in front of my PC at an air-conditioned office all day long. What do you think?
Mitsunori: I got your point. But you are working up a good sweat today, Hiroshi.
Hiroshi: Yes, and I can lose some weight.
Mitsunori: Well, I see you walking with unsteady steps when you pulling the net.
Anyway, he might bring a good luck to the new pond. Let’s hope for the best.
Hiroshi: I’m looking forward to see the Nishikigoi in this new pond.
Mitsunori: That’s right. This is a new pond that finished this year.
Hiroshi: Yeah, this pond wasn’t here last year.
Mitsunori: We wish we would harvest many high quality Nishikigoi from the new pond.

We launched our website

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Hello. This is Mitsunori Isa at Isa Koi Farm.

I’m delighted to announce you that we have
recently launched our website.

We would like to introduce our annual works to breed
beautiful Nishikigoi along with our philosophy

(passion to Nishikigoi) and report daily events
that happens at our farms through this website.

It is very first time for us to handle a website but we will try our
best to maintain our website. Meanwhile, we appreciate if you
can kindly support us and let us know your opinion or request.

Thank you.