! ! !


Good morning.
Lont time no see since spring!
Isa 3sai Showa are harvested.

They are well fleshed and give us strong impression.
Check off spring of “Tepodon”, “Nazo” and “Dango” in 3sai!!

Remarkable Tosai


We keep doing third culling as same as yesterday.
The female parent of these fry is “Tepodon” which is our one of main.
The first pairing is doing well but “Tepodon” is stable and more nice!

Oh, yeah !


Today, we culled third culling of Showa.
The heat made us feel out of it but the voice of Mitsunori ,”Ooh!” brought us good news.
This is new parent but it seems that breeding is well done so far!!
Please take a look these two pieces which were picked by Mitsunori with “Ooh!”.