The 43rd All Japan Nishikigoi Show 2012

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I’m sorry for late report. We are happy to inform you that we could hopefully get Kokugyo at 50bu, 65bu Male and Tsubaki prize at 70bu. Congratulations for owners and suppliers. This year, we entered 4pcs under our name and all of them got prize. In addition, three of them took major prize. We are very happy about the result. It has been three years since we improve quality of Sumi and hopefully got 50bu Kokugyo. It is still small koi but I’m sure it will develop or keep its beauty for long. 65bu Male Kokugyo actually has body confirmation like a female. It has bright beni and unique pattern on the head. This is my favorite one. It was born from our major Kohaku parent, Kachi-Kagura bloodline. I hope this koi will also get more prizes in the future as well. Because Showa is our main breed, I am excited that we could win Showa 90bu. Thank you very much for wonderful keeping, Narita Koi Farm. The Koromo which took 70bu Tsubaki prize are very outstanding. It took Sakura prize and Best in Variety at Zenkoku-ten before. You can find from passed archive but this koi is bred by Yagozen, Oguriyama area. Congratulations! Again, I would like to congratulate owners and suppliers for wonderful result.

* Congratulations for Dainichi Koi Farm who is a member of Sannichikai and good friend of ours.

We are ready for All Japan Koi Show!

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This weekend, All Japan Koi Showa will be held at Ryutsu Center in Tokyo. We will enter koi which we have confidence. Fed well and shinning well, I believe those are good enough to get good prize but we can find lots of koi which is finished very well at koi show. Well, let’s see how it goes at koi show. . . .  We will pick whatever suitable koi among those. Anything good size, good finish and good condition. . . .  I can not wait to see koi at show.

Koi House, completed!

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I’ happy to announce that our new concrete pond(facility) is completed. 10 ponds of 15t for multi purpose and 1 pond of 70t for keeping. We started construction at the end of summer and finally we made it . . .  We asked constructor to complete out frame before snow and they finished it without taking holiday. Then, we started set up of electricity, inside construction, filteration and finally released koi into new pond. We will utilize this new facility and breed more koi which make your koi life more happy. We also would like to start keeping koi in concrete pond during summer time as well.

Kanto Meiri-ten

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Yesterday, on 15th Jan, Kanto Meiri-ten was organized at Tokyo Ryutu Center. We exhibited 2 piece of 2sai and 1 piece of 3sai. 2sai was entered into auction. There were so many participants and event was very successful. Thank you very much.

Congratulations for Hide!

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On Dec 3rd, Hide(Hidemasa Hirasawa) who is main labor of our farm finally got married. Congratulations! The name of bride is “Sumie” and she is very sweet and charming. She is too much for Hide!! Thank you for inviting all of our family and we really enjoy his wedding.
It was so funny to see Hide wearing Tuxedo because I’ve seen only working cloths everyday.
It was very impressive with letter from Sumie to her parents.
It was so funny of Hide’s small mustache and secret booths which makes him 10cm higher.
It was great, wonderful and cheerful wedding. Wish you be happy for long . . . .

DSC01133.JPGのサムネール画像 DSC01139.JPGのサムネール画像 DSC01177.JPGDSC01190.JPG

At a glance

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Couple days ago in sunny day, the water of mud pond which contain 4sai was very clear so I hide in the bush for 10 min and wait for koi. . . Here they are! I hadn’t seen any of them during summer time but I hopefully could see! Because they are very sensitive for sound, I filmed movie with silence. This year, we had very big rain in summer and was worry about their development but I think they should be fine. I believe their body got fat enough. This is rare shot because I hardly see them so clearly.

Strout Kohaku

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This is 2sai Kohaku, 57cm, offspring of Shirayuki, again. This koi has more red beni color than previous one I introduced on this blog but it is elegant and bright color. The character of this koi is beautiful Shiroji and big pectoral fin. You may not believe this is 2sai seeing from movie because of face and back born. It looks like iron bar is in it! As same as previous one, this is also offspring from Shirayuki. Let’s see which type would develop more.

2sai Kohaku, 54cm, off spring of Shirayuki

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This is 2sai Kohaku, 54cm, offspring of Shirayuki. Check this beautiful, stream hi pattern. Quality of beni and Shiroji are very nice. The beni is very shinning and Kiwa is strong and sharp. Lots of koi from Shirayuki have unique head and body structure but this koi has smooth, softness and room on body. Because we just started using Shirayuki as parent koi since these two years, we don’t know whether this kind of koi or stout koi become good . . . but . . . it is worth to check it out!

3sai, Tancho Showa, 62.5cm

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Very interesting Tancho Showa was harvested. It is 3sai and 62.5cm with very strong impact. Some people would not like it because of strong Sumi. However, from breeders’ point of view, it is truly rare and very hard to breed this kind of Tancho Showa. Truly red beni, good quality sumi and bulky body. The amount of Sumi is also character and attractiveness of this koi. Please imagine when it becomes more big. I would call it “Deep Impact”(It is one of the best horse in Japanese Horse Race history.)

2sai, Kohaku, 54cm, offspring of Shirayuki

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This is Kohaku, 2sai 54cm. The parent koi of this Kohaku won Grand Champion at All Kanto(owner is Mr. Shibayama) and Tokai District(owner is Mr. Yokoi). These brothers and sisters are first offspring from its parent koi. The name of parent is “Shirayuki”(It means “White Snow”) and Kagura bloodline. The parent koi looks great and perfect body when I found it at Kachi Koi Farm in Fukui pref.. I knew it was too much favor but I begged Mr. Kachi to sell this koi. When I look at this koi, it doesn’t have any Hi and totally Shiromuji. However, Tecchan(son of Mr. Kachi) said it has bright and good beni. Because I trust him 100%, I couldn’t resist myself to use our male parent koi with this female one. Hopefully, body structure genetically look after their parent and we got a few koi with true Kagura beni. It is just 2sai at this moment but they will be harvested from mud pond. I can say, you can expect on this. The parent koi is absolutely . . .moster . . .